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[Analysis] Comparison of free antivirus softwares

Security experts agree: everyone should have antivirus software. So I’ve compared the three leading free softwares, and this is what I found.

WINNER: avast! Home Edition (ALWIL Software)


Features: Antivirus, antispyware, anti-rootkit, anti-phishing, network shield (firewall), web protection.

Lacks: Search protection, antispam.

In the end: avast! Home Edition is better than most paid antivirus programs. The only major features it lacks is search protection, which can be made up for with McAfee’s free SiteAdvisor, and antispam, which is usually built in to webmail programs and email clients. In the end, avast! Home Edition is probably the best free antivirus software available.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition – 80 million users (Grisoft)


Features: Antivirus, antispyware, web protection, search protection.

Lacks: Anti-rootkit, anti-spam, anti-phishing (scams), firewall.

In the end: AVG Antivirus Free Edition may have good protection against viruses, but no anti-phishing leaves you open to scammers and no firewall can let online websites that get past the web protection install software on your computer without you even knowing it. A more secure web browser will help, such as Firefox or Opera. In the end, AVG Antivirus Free Edition just doesn’t offer the level of protection you’ll find from some of its competitors.

Avira AntiVir Personal


Features: Antivirus, anti-phishing, anti-rootkit, antispyware.

Lacks: Firewall, web protection, search protection, antispam.

In the end: Avira AntiVir Personal is one of the best antivirus softwares available, but it’s not quite as good as avast!. However, most major webmail (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, etc.) and email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) have built-in spam filters.

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