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[Insight] Google, Firefox, and Linux: a win-win-win situation

Many distributions of Linux now are bundled with Firefox. Google recommends Mozilla Firefox alongside its own browser, Chrome. Firefox uses Google as its default browser. And in theory, users who are recommended by Google to use Firefox have a higher chance of becoming more interested in open source, improving their likeliness of using Linux over Windows or Macintosh.

And it looks like this is working for all three. (According to Net Applications), since June 2008, Firefox has gained 3.45% of the web browser market share, Google has gained 3.03% of the search engine market share, and Linux has gained 0.22% of the operating system market share.

Another factor driving the increases of all three is the sale of netbooks: more people using Linux, the Firefox web browser included, and the Google search engine utilized by default on Firefox.

For Google, however, this partnership isn’t free. Mozilla’s deal with Google, renewed last November to 2011 (and most likely to be renewed again), brings in approximately 85% of their income, $56.8 million.

For Microsoft, this could pose a serious threat to three of their products and brands: The MSN/Windows Live search engine, Internet Explorer, and Windows, their most valuable product.

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