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[News] Google Chrome gaining market share, still dwarfed by IE, Firefox


Google Chrome, launched by Google on September 12, 2008, has been gaining market share, surpassing rivals Opera and Netscape. In a relatively short period of time, Chrome has become the fourth most used web browser at 1.42% of the market share, according to Net Applications. A pretty impressive accomplishment.

Chrome, which offers a minimalist interface, has more “under the hood” than you might initially expect. First of all, each tab has its own process, so if an application in on one website is malfunctioning, that individual tab will close, not bringing down the entire web browser. Chrome is based on Apple WebKit. It also offers security that many would consider better than that of the majority of other browsers.

Its main interface is essentially a back button, forward button, reload button (which turns into a stop button when a page is loading), and address bar (which can be used as a search bar) — far less cluttered than Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer by default.

But will Chrome be able to be the browser used on the Internet. If current market share trends continue, Firefox will overtake Internet Explorer as the #1 web browser. Safari would be second, and Google Chrome would be third. However, the chances of current trends staying the way they are are little to none. A web browser that more and more sites would start optimizing for would gain momentum. The web browser(s) losing market share would probably see their rate of decline increase.

Today, Microsoft and Mozilla are racing to add new features to Internet Explorer and Firefox. Chrome lacks many of them. We have yet to see if a minimal interface will defeat the browsers offering a more complex one.

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