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[Insight] Why netbooks could overtake notebooks as the #1 portable computer

Netbooks, which only in the past 6 months have gained popularity, could pose a threat to laptops.

Netbooks are smaller and less powerful laptops, geared to be a secondary computer solely for browsing the web. A standard netbook has a built-in wi-fi adapter and a webcam, along with a decent amount of RAM for web browsing. PC manufacturers like ASUS and Acer (both Taiwan-based) have begun producing netbooks and marketing them as an inexpensive, portable secondary computer for browsing the web and carrying out low-memory tasks.

However, users wanted to save money by getting cheaper computers, and started buying netbooks instead of the more expensive notebooks (normal-sized laptops). The PC industry’s intentions backfired.

More and more, the web browser you use is becoming more important than the operating system you use. With web-based applications, you can save a file in Washington, DC and open it San Fransisco with no need for a flash drive. Software can be upgraded with no need for an installation. Documents can be shared or worked on by a number of people simultaneously. The major downside is obviously that if you’re in an area without Internet access, you’re documents are inaccessible.

Right now, one in five laptops sold are netbooks, and that number’s on the rise. It’s a very real possibility that netbooks and smartphones could overtake notebooks as the preferred type of mobile computer.

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