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Internet Explorer drama in Europe


Microsoft recently got into yet another antitrust lawsuit with the European Union over Internet Explorer, saying the bundling with Windows gave IE an unfair advantage. It was speculated that, in Europe, Windows would have a “ballot screen” giving the user a choice of what browser to use (most likely IE, Firefox, and Opera).

Microsoft responded not by adding a ballot screen, but by completely removing Internet Explorer from Windows 7 in Europe, leaving it with no web browser.

But, according to a “confidential” memo from Microsoft obtained by CNET, PC manufacturers in Europe will have the choice to install Internet Explorer, or another browser.

Just saying, if you had the choice to install a heavily criticized web browser associated with numerous lawsuits or a praised browser hundreds of millions of users had already optionally switched to worldwide (as well as being the browser of choice for people in your continent), what would you do?

All of this is happening just as Firefox is about to become the number one browser in Europe, and Microsoft has quietly made IE an optional feature in Windows in the United States (and I assume other countries).

The second browser war has only gotten started.

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