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Firefox 3.5 released!

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Big news today: Firefox 3.5 was released!

Firefox 3.5 was released today, with better security, stability, and features. For those of you dreading having to download a new file and going through numerous complex steps to upgrade, guess what? Upgrading is easy, and it only takes about two minutes (which is well worth the improved speed and security).

Why switch?

New threats arrive every day online. Firefox keeps up with these threats with frequent updates. Spending 2 or 3 minutes of your time upgrading will keep you protected online.

Follow these 3 easy steps to upgrade (if you’re using Firefox 3.0)

  1. In Firefox, go to the Help menu and click on Check for Updates…
  2. Checking for updates should take a few seconds. Once it’s completed, a screen should come up within the window, asking you to upgrade. Click Upgrade (or similar option).
  3. Updating will only take a few minutes. Once the update has downloaded and installed, you’ll have to restart Firefox (not your computer). The option will come next, and will only take a few seconds.
  4. Welcome to Firefox 3.5: faster, safer, and more secure, along with some new features.

In case you need it, Plan B is to manually download Firefox 3.5 from the Firefox website.

New Features and improvements in Firefox 3.5

Speed and Performance – In tests, Firefox 3.5’s JavaScript engine was twice as fast as Firefox 3.0’s. What does this mean? Faster page rendering and script loading (and as always, Firefox 3.5 is free of dangerous ActiveX code).

I tried a JavaScript intensive site, Yahoo! Mail, and it’s noticeably faster.

Security and Safety – Firefox 3.5 has improved security and safety. Firefox works with your antivirus software to scan downloads, and utilizes Google’s massive database of sites that distribute dangerous viruses or scams.

New Features

  • Private browsing mode – pages you visit won’t be added to your history, forms you fill out, and other data will not be remembered
  • Forget this site – remove all traces you went to a website (gets rid of spyware)
  • Geolocation support – up until now, pages have had to rely on your IP address to find out approximately where you are. This method worked, but it could only get your general region. With geolocation support, sites can use Google’s location service to find out more exactly where you are, so, for example, you wouldn’t have to enter your address on a map site. But don’t worry, your privacy is safe. A site can never use geolocation support unless you approve it. And the site won’t know your location.
  • New Tab button – instead of pressing Control+T click on the plus button on the tab bar to easily create a new tab.

Need support?

Visit the Mozilla Support website, which includes a knowledge base, forums, and a live chat.

You’re ready!

You’re ready to use Firefox 3.5: the fastest and safest browser available.

To see a live download stats page, go here.

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