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Flashblock: Get rid of memory-hogging Flash

Does this scenario sound familiar? You open a new website, and suddenly your browser becomes unresponsive. You’re forced to close the browser. I use Firefox, and this happens occasionally. But the truth is that this isn’t because of Firefox, it’s because of Adobe Flash.

Flash is memory-intensive, and is a common cause of browser crashes. It will start up on web pages without us having any control. Using a netbook, I’m especially vulnerable to these “Flash overloads”.

But there’s a way to fix this problem. The popular Firefox extension Flashblock, nearing 7 million downloads, kills Flash on websites and replaces it with the Flash logo. To see the content, just click on the logo. Conveniently, this also blocks quite a few ads (although if that’s what you’re going for, I highly recommend AdBlockPlus).

I’ll let you know if I experience anything major that I don’t like about Flashblock.

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