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New Yahoo! Homepage: Likes and dislikes

Yahoo! launched the newest version of its homepage on Tuesday, which included several major theme, layout, and interface changes.

The page is not yet the default for users, but is available via a link at the top of the page offering a switch to the newer version. (For now), you can easily switch back to the old theme by clicking on “Return to classic Yahoo.com” under “About Yahoo!” at the bottom of the screen.


Overall, I think the final version of the new site is overall an improvement, but with a few negative aspects.

Color scheme

Yahoo! replaced their red logo with a purple version, while leaving their logo on their services red. We have yet to see if this is just a change for the homepage, or a change for the rest of the network.

Third party applications

This was perhaps the biggest change with the new homepage. Yahoo! opened the door to third parties such as Facebook, MySpace, eBay, and even Google and AOL to develop applications for the new homepage, available under “My Favorites”.

Registered users can edit which apps are shown. They include BBC World News, Discovery News, Flickr (well, I guess Yahoo! owns that), Forbes.com, Gmail, HowStuffWorks, MarketWatch, New York Times, NPR, People, Salon.com, TIME.com, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Wired.

Personally, I like the fact that third party apps are available. After all, how many people only visit Yahoo.com on a daily basis? Not very many. Hopefully they’ll add more. I’m hoping for WordPress, Twitter, and Google Docs.

New Layout

The new layout is slightly cleaner than the old layout. To me, that’s not good. I don’t go for minimalist. I like it when things are a little crowded (just look at the right side of this blog).

But now that I think about it, I rarely used the things they did remove (Inside Yahoo! features, “marketplace” AKA ads). The only thing that I miss is the personal manager (Mail, Messenger, Puzzles, Weather, Events, and Horoscopes). However, these features can be added back via “My Favorites”.

Overall, I think the upgrade was a good choice. With the new scheme, layout, and interface. I didn’t even mention that several pages are now available where “Featured” used to be.

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