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Firefox reaches a billion downloads

Sorry this is late, but, Firefox has reached a billion downloads!

The official SpreadFirefox download counter and the unofficial 7is7 Firefox Download Counter hit one billion downloads at 11 AM Eastern (8 AM Pacific) on July 31.

To dispel any doubts that Firefox has not reached a billion downloads and that Mozilla is lying (which I can never see them doing), the independent market share reports by companies like Net Applications and StatCounter confirm the download count.

Every time a new version of Firefox comes out (entirely new versions, not just updates), each user must download the upgrade from Mozilla’s website (and market shares show that almost all of them do). Firefox currently has about 300 million users (also confirmed by the market shares), a number that has consistently increased over the years. If you look at the approximate historical Firefox usage, these upgrades account for most of the download total. The rest are people who already use Firefox who are installing it, for example, on their work computer, or second computer (or even a third…fourth…).

Well, anyway, congratulations Mozilla! According to the unofficial Download Guesstimator, Firefox is can be expected to reach 2 billion downloads in April 2011. However, this is based off of data from the past 2 weeks, a timeframe short enough to predict downloads for the next few months, but not years. Plus, new competitors in the browser market (or ones going away for that matter), new Firefox releases, media attention, and other variables could dramatically change that date.

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