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Love Firefox but prefer Chrome’s style? Get Chromifox

In the past, web browsers have usually had a relatively crowded interface, just look at Opera 5. The UI typically included all of the common web browsing tasks (back, forward, stop, refresh/reload, home) and more (bookmarks, history, print, new window, search, email…).

But now a more minimalist standard is evolving, and it has already been adopted by Google Chrome and Safari. The new type of layout contains only the most basic web browsing tasks in the smallest amount of objects (reload and stop are often the same button). The rest of the options are consolidated into a “tools” or “page” menu. Judging by its adoption, users like this new generation of browser interface.

So here’s the dilemma: you love Firefox, like me, but want Google Chrome’s slick style, instead of the native “Strata” theme. Here’s how you can make Firefox look almost exactly like Chrome…while still being able to use all of your favorite add-ons.

Step 1: Get Chromifox Basic

Chromifox Basic does a good job at converting Firefox’s graphics to look like those of Chrome. But you’ll need to go through a few more steps to make it look truly like Google’s browser.

Step 2: Get Total ReChrome

Total ReChrome (which requires Chromifox Basic) will add some finishing touches to Firefox. It will move the tab bar to the top of the window, and move the star (for bookmarking a page) to the other side of the location bar.

Step 3: Move around a few buttons and get rid of the search bar

First, remove the search bar and home button. Then, remove any add-on buttons that may be on the navigation bar (such as AdBlockPlus, IE Tab, Flashblock…). Drag the “Stop” button to the far right of the screen (don’t worry, it will be merged with the “Go” button).

This is what the finished product should look like:


Versus Google Chrome itself:


Very similar, eh? Have fun!

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