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And Windows 7 is released!

If your reading this, it’s just past midnight Eastern time, and this is the day Windows 7 is slated to launch. I’m not actually awake right now, this is a pre-written post scheduled to be published automatically at 12 AM.

Hopefully, this day will mark the beginning of the end of the Windows XP era, which has gone on way too long: 8 years. But who can blame users, after Vista was such a failure. Although I hate to say it, Windows XP will probably remain dominate for years to come. Internet Explorer 6 is still the most used version of Internet Explorer (sadly), and all that you have to do to get rid of it is spend 5 minutes upgrading. The switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 is a much more complex and lengthy task, and people probably won’t upgrade, they’ll buy new computers when they need them instead.

There’s already some buzz about the launch brewing right now. Who knows how much there will be tomorrow. As a huge wave of people install Windows 7, if they have something to say, Twitter will probably slow to a crawl, as it did in the Balloon Boy episode. I haven’t tried Windows 7 myself, but I’ll probably get to soon.

Congratulations on shipping, Microsoft!

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